Friday, June 27, 2008

The Google story… how they make money for you.

Like I mentioned in my post earlier that Google is one of the ‘Major Money Makers’ techniques on the internet. I need you to understand how to harness this opportunity very well to make sure that a profitable return is gotten at the end of every month of business.

I will highlight some of these techniques to enlighten us more on how to mine the gold of Google.

Why is Google the most popular monetization website?
A) It is the biggest and largest online business in the world.

B) It runs a residual income source for participants of its programme (that is the Google Adsense programme which we will be discussing).

C) It is very easy to build a website using Google or other free domains and monetise it using Google too, thus allowing flexibility to the user of its advertisements.

D) The method for activating your Adsense on your site is as simple as ABC, thus making it so easy for users to join the programme.

The Google story…

Google is the biggest thing to happen to the world-wide-web. They started out as a search engine company, which is a company that helps people locate information on the internet. Since there are so many companies and organisations on the internet with lots of information, it apparently became almost impossible to locate a particular site without the use of a good search engine company.

In those days, we had the likes of Alta-Vista and Yahoo but Google took over the market with its expansion plan. Now it had bought so many other major internet websites including Utube, and a host of others.

Now, Google looked at it that the best way to return patronage is to give back to the same people who have at one time other patronized it through using its search engine.

So they started Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?
Google observed that as they provided free services for people to search for whatever they were looking for on their site, advertisers besought them to be enlisted on their servers (Google servers) so that when people search for a particular product or service on Google search engine, their site (the advertisers) will come up and they would likely be able to make sales from so doing.

You really need to understand the logic behind this global giant called Google to be able to appreciate their product, ADWORD AND ADSENSE.

The idea they conceptualized was one out of this world.

They realized that if they were to accept those advertisements to their Google search engine website (which usually contain less than 40words on the google page), there would not be enough space to contain them, so they decided to pay other people who had websites to put the advertisements on their sites.

....Very ingenious idea if you ask me.

So instead of having all the advertisements on their own site which could hamper the speed of their search engines, they moved them to people like us to help advertise and pay us while doing that (Remember google collects money from the companies that want to advertise with them).

In essence, whenever you subscribe to accept a Google advertisement on your website, you are indirectly becoming a shareholder in the biggest and largest dotcom business in the entire world and you get paid handsomely for it. Isn’t this wonderful.

Now the programme itself is what is known as Google Adsense (Google has sense, or Google ADvertisement Sense), here ‘Sense’ means ‘BRAINS’!

Anyway, they brought in Adsense and said, we should bring our websites and they will fill it up with advertisements for us and anytime, a sale or click is made through our site, we get paid by them.

So Google plays the role of intermediary between the online advertisers and the website owners (also called the publishers).

I can sure that there are websites that Google pays up to a million dollars for advertising on them alone.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of the opportunities
that flows on the internet gateway!

I will continue the story of Google in a short while…

MIWB will be moving to her permanent home ( in a couple of days. Like I said before, the essence for using blogger was to make you understand how to migrate from a free blog to your personalized website…. So watchout.

The new site will be Wordpress enabled to allow for the beautiful plugins that Wordpress is known for, especially as it encourages Adsense profitability.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

7 Habits of Successful Bloggers

Welcome back again. I have been a little busy this past week but have been consciously remembering to write this post once I have the Chance.

There are habits that successful Bloggers exude that you should be able to follow to be able to achieve their feats too.

Remember the adage that says ‘you only need to climb the shoulder of a rich man to be richer than him (simply means learning and accepting mentoring from him).

Let’s go there now and begin to learn from them;

1. They are good writers;

Successful bloggers are good writers; ‘At least they try to do their best at writing’. Writing may not be very interesting for some but it’s sure the very essence for blogging. As you continue to write your posts, you will continue to develop your skills in writing and get more confident doing it.

2. They blog consistently;
For you to be successful blogging, you need to regularly posts write-ups on your blog. Consistency shows you’re in business and taking your business seriously. As you continually post to your blog, you start to get more followers and that increases your traffic.

3. They are natural about their post;
A blogger needs to write freely, devoid of fake write-ups. When you write, do so naturally, not following another writer’s style or methods. You need to go with your own flow and rhythm. By so doing, your audience knows you’re for real and not a fake; that earns you respect and traffic.

4. They know how to brand themselves;
Highly successful bloggers know how to brand themselves. Branding is creating a niche area for oneself, it is letting your readers know what you are about such that they know and understand the logic and methods of your discussions. Branding ensures people are able to tell the difference between your blog and others. This will have to go for your site presentation and other matters that concern your blog.

5. Begin with the end in mind;
Every successful blogger already has the end in mind from the start. As a starter blogger, you should have what you plan to achieve from your blog in mind and be able to visualize the end from the beginning. By so doing, you are able to follow a discrete pattern of production to achieving your set goal.

6. They enjoy criticism;
Successful bloggers are the most loved and also the most crucified. If you want to be very successful blogging, then you must be ready for the cross, because you will be criticised. When you begin to get criticism that’s when your success begins to come. Why?... because with criticism comes fame.

7. Are seriously Evil or Good;
If you really want to make millions from blogging, then your outlook and presentation has to reflect it. First you have to decide to be either good or bad. Somebody like John Chow is naturally Evil (bad guy) while Darren Rowse of problogger plays the good guy, either way they both are making very large chunk of money doing what they know to do best. Being evil does not mean you hurt people. Its just your style of presentation on your blog.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Blogging only for money;
Bloggers should always keep in mind that, the blogging culture should always come before any other interest. The blogging culture is the ability to be a passionate writer that is able to carry his audience along.

It is while doing this that money comes. So don’t make your sole aim of blogging, money.

Regular updates;
As a blogger, you should always and regularly update your blog. A blog without update is a dead one.

Nobody wants to go to a blog where he gets to read the same old news that was posted there for over 1week. New gists, information and knowledge is what brings you traffic.

Rushing a post;
Never rush a post. When you do that you tend to emerge with a lot of mistakes which isn’t good for your site. You should learn to have a blogging frequency, once your readers can get to understand that, you get to keep them.

Your frequency can be say 2-4 blogs per day or a blog a day or 2 blogs per week. It all depends on you, but try and maintain the flow.

Not been personal;
When people read posts on your blog, they are mostly able to discern between when you're original about your post and when you're faking it. Whatever the type of post you write to your blog, be original;

Even when you get your stories from other articles on the internet. Don’t just download everything to your blog verbatim. Rewrite it in your own language and method that your readers know you for.

Reply to comments;

Whenever your readers leave comments, always reply to the comments as this fosters a relationship with your audience. Infact a reply to the comment on the blog itself is recommended, except the person that made the comment wants some privacy.

Not reaching out to other bloggers;
The most exciting thing about blogging is the fact that bloggers help themselves. It is like a fraternity where you get all the necessary advice and support you need for your blogging business to grow. Learn to reach out to bigger blogs, link to them, and make comments on them. It’s the only smart thing to do.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blog Linking Strategies

To do this, you have to use very attractive words and catchy phrases to entice visitors to your site. Avoid using single words. Say for example, you are blogging on noodles. if your topic is simply titled ‘noodles’, a search on the internet will produce millions of results however, if you make your topic title say ‘how to prepare indomie noodles’, its more specific and will produce fewer results thus guaranteeing you the chance of having your blog show up during the search.

Submit your blog to Digg and problogger;
These two sites are intended to help you create more awareness and traffic to your site. Digg also help with page ranking your blog. I will encourage you to go checkout the sites and drop a good comment.

Submitting to big blogs really can help you generate the kind of attention and site visits you need for your blog. Remind me to give out a list of very popular blogs you can link to.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Increasing traffic to your Blog

There are a whole lot of methods of getting traffic to your site without actually having to pay for advertisement (though it is a very easy and more direct method of pulling people to your site). We shall continue to dig deep into additional traffic pullers for your blog.

Commenting On Other Blogs;
Visiting other blogs and leaving very good comments on them is a crowd puller to your blog and a winner any day. When you visit other blogs and leave very commendable responses on them, the blog owners will like to link back to you especially when what you have on your own blog is worthy of visit. Also the visitors to the site value your comments and are enticed to see for themselves what you have on your own blog.

Don’t just leave comments in every blog you come across but comments that are able to address the issues of discussion on the site. This tells the reader that you know what you are writing about and ultimately makes you an authority in the discusses.

You will be surprised at how search engines will crawl (search out) your blog.

Use Self Explanatory And Catchy Topics;
When you write your blogs, remember that you need traffic on them to be able to monetise it, and getting traffic really means when people search for key words on some subjects especially those that relate to your topic, your blog should come up.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Becoming a Blogger

After the discussions of yesterday, I feel the need not to spill all the various money makers at once, as you will need proper understanding of other areas to the internet business. It shouldn’t come to you as only carbohydrate feeding, it will make it an incomplete diet, that can lead to indigestion or constipation.

To prevent that, we shall today be discussing what you need to become a Blogger, the tips and tricks to the game. Let’s go on...

For you to be a profit making blogger, first you need to find yourself a niche area, an area that you are passionate about that makes writing about the topic next to nature for you. When you have passion for a particular blogging topic, it makes it all the more easier for you to easily write (blog).

Your interest can be on GSM phones, Man/Woman relationship; it could be on an animal. Whatever topic you choose, you can be sure to get your audience online. It could even be on your profession and its ethics or economics and political discuss. Just ensure it’s a topic you are passionate about.

It will encourage and push you to keep writing/blogging.

For you to have a successful blog, you need to personalize your blog. Using free blog is ok but will not generate the kind of attentions it requires. Presently this blog is on a free domain, i.e., but in a couple of days, it will be moved to its personalized domain name,

I have already registered it (so for the gurus, sorry you can’t have it). I have put my blog on a free domain to make my visitors have an understanding of how to move from a free domain to a personalized one.

Apart from ensuring you have a direct hosting service, the look and feel of your blog will determine the kind of traffic you get to it. There are a lot of Blog Themes out there that makes your site look very beautiful and easily navigable. They also ensure the tendency for more income generation, through their back end coding.

Some of these themes are free while you have to pay a small amount for others. You can contact me if you need blog themes that will work with CMSes like wordpress and blogger, I also have typepad themes.

For visitors to keep coming to your site, you need to keep posting contents so that visitors can see new things whenever they go to your blog, this is what makes your site interesting to go to. A stagnant site will be devoid of both visitors as well

as income generation. A good way to regularly update your site is to always prepare your blog ahead of time and know how much of content you want to present to your visitors.

You can even write the contents for the next one week down so that you are not caught napping when the need to send your contents to your blog comes.

You need to have proper understanding of your target audience since this is what will help you prepare and preempt their inclination on the subject or topics.

Having a proper understanding of your audience will ensure you are always in control of the discuss and your suggestions are adhered to and appreciated. You need to be very vast and develop your content topic knowledge because only with that can you hold your audiences spell bound and they will keep coming for more.

Blogging is writing on topics of interest to you and at the same time looking to opportunities to monetizing blogs, through ad networks, affiliate programmes, and Writing quality articles for other blogs at a fee.

So to make your blogging career worthwhile, you need to look to other various sources to monetizing the blog. It is only when you start reaping the benefits of blogging that you start to see value to it, and only then does it actually have meaning to you.

So you need to look at and study the various means of generating money with your blog. I shall continue to support you till you can stand on your own.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Money Makers3

Crisp Ads Network;
Crisp Ads gets various types of advertisements and sends the one that most suits your blog to it to generate income for you. Crisp Ads has access to texts, displays, CPC, CPM (sponsorship), and CPA ads and optimizes them for you.

To be able to use the ad network you will need to copy and paste the codes into your blog or website. You will get to understand some computer languages overtime but the simple process of copying and pasting the codes will suffice for now.

some of these ad networks will pay only through means that may not allow Nigerians active participation but some solutions are coming soon that will facilitate easy payments of money from doing internet businesses. I am willing to assist those that require pay-pal accounts.

To join the Crisp Ads network you can apply here. The good thing is that it can be run with Google Adsense.

Chitika Ad Network
If you have a website or blog and don't know what Chitika is, you are really missing out from the internet advertising boom. Chitika have ads that are placed on your sites.

It is very much like Google Adsense but with images. Chitika can also be run along with Adsense.

Their Mission is to enable online advertising by actively engaging Brands (Corporate bodies’ products and services), Bloggers/Website owners (You), and Buyers (Visitors to your site).

Chitika provides bloggers the opportunity to use their original contents and opinions to monetize the traffic on their site. It offers retailers (BRANDS) a new channel to sell their products.

Join the network Now!